Journey to RejuVenate V-Spa

In some form or another I've worked in health and wellness for nearly 20 years. My career began helping companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations get healthy. I simplified the process of growth and development and translated proven methodologies, strategies and best practices into practical action steps that achieved their goals.

In 2006 I began offering those same consulting skills in the community, mentoring women individually and in small groups on personal development, self-care, financial management, and health and wellness. The personal coaching and development grew into directing two community groups for singles and parents where I led monthly workshops and organized community social events. I also began speaking at women’s conferences and other community organizations.

Then in 2016, my world was rocked when I suddenly lost my mother to complications from uterine fibroids. After the memorial service, I tried to go back to my life in the corporate setting, but it just didn’t fit anymore. Then I asked myself "Is this the life that I want when my last day arrives?" I knew I had to shift. I also wanted to find a way to honor my mother and other women who suffer with reproductive conditions.

In 2017, I launched RejuVenate V-Spa, an in-home women’s health service offering natural alternatives for intimate care. RejuVenate V-Spa not only allows me to empower and inspire women in their own greatness, but I get to be first in leading the charge to prioritize personal care every day!  

Adrienne Alexander

Owner, RejuVenate V-Spa